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!come to Japan TO learn Japanese

ICA, INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATION ACADEMY, began it's long history as an English language school in 1955. In 1963, a Japanese Language Department was established at the school which continues to provide international students with the best learning environment allowing them to study the language from basic conversation to advanced Japanese, and providing assistance and preparation for higher educational institutions, such as university, junior college, and vocational school.

As a "CONVERSATION ACADEMY", ICA gives you the chance to improve your conversational skills, not only inside but also outside the classroom, with emphasis on communication between students, teachers and school staff! Our school activities and events such as school trips and parties will be a large part of your educational experience. Learn more about Japan, make friends, and make the most of your academic life!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Learn Japanese at ICA International Conversation School !
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!come to Japan TO learn Japanese
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אריגטו ! הפרטים נשלחו בהצלחה :)

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